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Super Eight: Shea Nerium Moringa Skin Creme is Here!

Super Eight: Shea Nerium Moringa Skin Creme is my super hero! It has eight times the nerium oleander as our original product, Shea Nerium Skin Creme, plus the amazing moringa oil. Moringa oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, copper and calcium, which are all beneficial for healthy skin. The power antioxidants found in moringa oil, combined with its high oleic acid content of more than 70%, allow moringa oil to bring its vital nutrients into facial tissue and strengthen the overall health of skin cells.

All Menrva’s Kiss products are organic, cruelty free and hand-crafted with great care. We package in glass to avoid chemical residue from plastic.


Moringa! A new ingredient for Menrva’s Kiss

We are very excited about developing a Menrva’s Kiss product that includes Moringa as an ingredient. Moringa has been called the Tree of Life and all parts of it are used as a nutritive and healing source. While it is native to India, Niger and Arabic countries, we now have people cultivating it in Florida, Arizona and California.

While I have been taking Moringa internally and am very happy with the results (literally as it boosts the seratin in our brains), the Menrva’s Kiss mixture I made with added Moringa oil is incredible. The Moringa oil is full of zeatin, a cytokinin that has potent antiaging and protective effects, antioxiant properties, helps heal scars and helps photo damaged skin. After using my new mixture on my face and as an all-over body cream I am thrilled!

We will have the Moringa product available on our website within the next three weeks, as well as the Super 8 Shea Nerium Skin Creme that has eight times the nerium as our original Menrva’s Kiss.

Aloe Vera as a Facial Cleanser

It started innocently, my daughter and I both had good luck with a facial product that was 80 percent aloe vera. Good news for two women that have sensitive skin and are prone to break-outs. That morphed into me using straight aloe vera juice to wash my face, a practice I have enjoyed for about ten years now. Why spend lots of money on expensive facial products when we have the wonderful aloe vera juice that is organic and helps heal the skin while we wash?

I keep a small plastic bottle in the bathroom, put two to three drops of tea tree oil in it for a preservative and then fill it with aloe vera juice. In the evening I rub it into my face, rinse and then repeat the process. Then I apply a layer on my face before applying my Menrva’s Kiss. I tend to put the Menrva’s Kiss on heavy and blot off the excess, but many people apply it sparingly and have just as good of results. Sometimes I leave the heavy layer on for a couple of minutes before blotting off the excess.

When in the bath I apply a layer of aloe vera juice on my face, leave it sit for a few moments and the scrape my facial skin with my fingernails for exfoliation and I repeat two more times for a total of three applications. Of course, you could use some sort of facial exfoliation device rather than your fingernails. I keep my nails short and this works for me.

After bathing, I apply aloe vera juice over my entire body and then apply Menrva’s Kiss. Usually, I use the Super Shea Nerium Skin Creme on my body and the Super 8 Shea Nerium Skin Creme on my face. Using Menrva’s Kiss as an all-over body cream has worked marvelously for me. My skin is very soft, scars have faded and the small ones disappeared and my twenty-eight year old stretch marks faded. While you can still see the stretch marks you sort of have to look for them now.

Due to having Lyme Disease I try to live as organically and chemically free as possible. That is what led me to create an organic skin care product that includes nerium oleander. If I’m not careful with exposure I get migraines, but found that if I drink large quantities of aloe vera juice the migraine will almost always go away.

Trying to keep it fantastic, but simple here! Hope you like your Menrva’s Kiss as much as I do.

Organic Shea Butter Benefits

So happy to find this YouTube video that describes the many benefits of shea butter. This is why we chose shea butter as the base for shea nerium skin cream!


Organic Shea Butter for Our Beautiful Skin

Thanks to this video we have great information about organic shea butter, the base element of Menrva’s Kiss Shea Nerium Skin Creams.


Testing Super 8 Shea Nerium Skin Creme

Super 8 Shea Nerium Skin Creme has eight times the nerium than the original Shea Nerium Skin Creme and twice the nerium of the Super Shea Nerium Skin Creme! I have been using it on my face for about a month now and am delighted! Some acne scars vanished and others faded, that was big. The first time I used it my skin tingled and I’m fairly sure I won’t be producing a stronger mix than the Super 8. So far, it hasn’t been too strong for my skin, no reactions, and my skin is ridiculously sensitive. If this new round of testing goes well than we will be launching Menrva’s Kiss Super 8 Shea Nerium Skin Creme around the middle of May.

The Super 8 version of Menrva’s Kiss is expensive to make and we’re thinking it will be around $50 for a four ounce jar. Bear in mind that you receive four ounces of product, check the labels on some of your face creams and you might be surprised at how much product you receive. Due to the expense in production Super 8 Shea Nerium Skin Creme will only be available on our website.