My inspiration for an anti-aging skin cream came through a personal search for an organic skin care product that included nerium oleander. While I saw the amazing results my friends had with face cream I wasn’t happy with the chemical ingredients and organic is very important to me. After two years of research I came up with Menrva’s Kiss Shea Nerium Skin Creme and was thrilled with the results. It didn’t take me long to launch the Super Shea Nerium Skin Creme that has four times the organic nerium oleander and my smile grew even larger. That’s because I saw results on my own skin and my friend’s skin overnight. Because I believe beautiful skin shouldn’t stop with our face I use Menrva’s Kiss Shea Nerium products as a facial and an all-over body cream.

Along with the two products that I currently manufacture and sell is the newest addition to my anti-aging skin creams, Super Eight: Shea Nerium Moringa Creme. Super Eight is my super hero. It has eight times the organic nerium oleander as my first product, Shea Nerium Skin Creme. The addition of moringa to an already potent mix made a visual difference in my skin overnight. I was sold from the first application as my skin tingled in a very nice way. Plus, moringa gives the mix a lovely creamy texture.

All of my products are organic, cruelty free and hand-crafted with great care by my son and myself. We package in glass as I don’t like the chemical residue from plastic. We keep our products pure and simple. I believe in my creams, use them myself and hope you like them as much as I do.

All the best,
Menrva’s Kiss

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