Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t oleander poisonous?

Oleander Nerium is extremely toxic in it’s natural, unrefined state. NEVER use any part of unrefined oleander nerium topically or internally. The oleander nerium in Menrva’s Kiss has been scientifically filtered to remove toxicity. It may be used topically, but never internally. Keep out of the reach of children and if ingested consult your physician.

The product became gritty, has hard grains in it. What’s up?

If shea butter is exposed to high temperatures it may granulate during cooling. Shea butter and coconut oil liquify at low temperatures, so if you heat it up until liquid and then stir a few times while cooling your product should become smooth again. We set a glass container inside a pot of hot water. Do not overheat (don’t go over 100 degrees) and be sure to stir a few times while the product is cooling.

Is there a way to make Menrva’s Kiss softer?

Both shea butter and coconut oil harden at cool temperatures. Shea butter is so therapeutic for your skin that we don’t want to dilute it any further. Shea butter and coconut oil soften easily when warmed up, so we scrape off an amount with the back of our fingernails and then warm up in our hands. You may also set the bottle near your shower or another warm area. Do not overheat as Menrva’s Kiss softens at low temperatures.

May I mix an essential oil with Menrva’s Kiss: Shea Nerium Skin Creme?

If you don’t like the nutty scent of organic shea butter than you may add a few drops of essential oil to the product. Be sure you are not adding an oil that will irritate your skin (that is why we leave the product natural and unscented). You may follow the instructions above for warming up shea nerium, add the essential oils in while the product is soft and then stir several times while it cools off and hardens again.

Does Menrva’s Kiss: Shea Nerium Skin Creme expire?

Use it up! While the product doesn’t expire shea butter is always best if used within a year. We buy fresh, organic shea butter and only stock the amount of jars that will sell in one month. Your product should be good for a full year. After that it is still a vital product, but the healing elements of the shea butter will be weaker.

Is Menrva’s Kiss: Shea Nerium Skin Creme safe while pregnant?

As far as using Menrva’s Kiss while pregnant, while it should be safe I personally would not take the risk. Did you know that unrefined oleander nerium is toxic? The oleander nerium I use has been filtered in a laboratory to remove the toxins and the amount I have in each jar would at the most upset someone’s stomach.

Still, why take any risks at all? Especially when there are great products to reduce stretch marks like organic shea butter? Shea butter is an amazing product that is completely safe and in fact is used in fine chocolates. Before I created Menrva’s Kiss all I used on my face and body skin for years was aloe vera juice and shea butter and received many compliments.

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