Menrva’s Kiss: Shea Nerium Skin Creme works best when applied over aloe vera. Aloe vera is not necessary, but it is so great for our skin it will give you better results.

For the Face: You may choose to clean your skin with aloe vera juice by applying to damp skin, rinsing and then repeating. End with a layer of aloe vera juice and then apply about the Shea Nerium Skin Creme. Gently blot the excess. If you would rather use your own facial cleanser you may, but you will receive better results from Menrva’s Kiss: Shea Nerium Skin Creme if used with aloe vera.

You don’t have to purchase expensive skin care products to have beautiful skin. Try cleansing with aloe vera for one week and decide for yourself.

For the Body: Beautiful, youthful skin does not have to stop with your face! After bathing apply aloe vera juice to your skin and then follow with Shea Nerium Skin Creme and gently blot the excess.

Aloe Vera: Check the ingredients before you purchase, we recommend Lakewood Organic Pure Aloe Whole Leaf. There are no preservatives or thickeners. You may want to add a couple drops of tea tree oil to your bathroom container for freshness. Or you may want to have a small amount of aloe vera in your container and refill from the large bottle in the refrigerator.

Warning: In it’s unfiltered form Oleander Nerium is poisonous. Do not use the plant in it’s original form internally or externally. Menrva’s Kiss: Shea Nerium Skin Creme uses laboratory filtered oleander nerium that is intended for external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. If ingested consult a physician.

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