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Menrva’s Kiss: Pain Balm Has Arrived!

Sometimes I am in pain, having Lymes Disease means sometimes I’m in a lot of pain. My search for an effective, all-natural, organic pain balm inspired me to create another Menrva’s Kiss product. While I rarely have a Lyme Disease episode, sure enough the day after I bottled the pain balm I woke up hurting everywhere. At least it seemed like everywhere. What I discovered is that some pain goes away with one application while the big, bad stuff may need three or four applications. If I hurt, I apply a little more pain balm. I use the back side of my back scratcher for the hard to reach areas. The organic herbal blend is infused into organic shea butter so it is not going to hurt your skin. In fact, it is good for your skin.

Of course, Menrva’s Kiss: Pain Balm is organic with no preservatives or chemicals. It is hand-crafted in the USA.

Ingredients: organic shea butter infused with organic: arnica, white willow bark, witch hazel, stinging nettles, ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus; plus organic extra virgin coconut oil.

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