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Great News! Lower Price for Super Eight Shea Nerium Skin Creme

The lower price is good news, seven dollars lower is a lot. We decided to drop the regular and super version of Menrva’s Kiss Shea Nerium Skin Creme. Lowering the price of the Super Eight should make it more affordable for those of you who liked the less expensive Menrva’s Kiss Shea Nerium Skin Cremes that will no longer be available. This will only be available on the Menrva’s Kiss site.

Flowering Shea Nerium Skin Creme Coming Soon

We took a SUPER product and made it better by adding seven organic botanical ingredients: aloe vera, stinging nettles, lavender, green tea, rosebuds, rose hips and chamomile. This is the product preferred by me, Menrva. Good news, the price will be only a few more dollars than the Super Eight. We are just waiting on our labels. This will only be available on the Menrva’s Kiss site.

Menrva’s Kiss: Pain Balm Has Arrived!

Sometimes I am in pain, having Lymes Disease means sometimes I’m in a lot of pain. My search for an effective, all-natural, organic pain balm inspired me to create another Menrva’s Kiss product. While I rarely have a Lyme Disease episode, sure enough the day after I bottled the pain balm I woke up hurting everywhere. At least it seemed like everywhere. What I discovered is that some pain goes away with one application while the big, bad stuff may need three or four applications. If I hurt, I apply a little more pain balm. I use the back side of my back scratcher for the hard to reach areas. The organic herbal blend is infused into organic shea butter so it is not going to hurt your skin. In fact, it is good for your skin.

Of course, Menrva’s Kiss: Pain Balm is organic with no preservatives or chemicals. It is hand-crafted in the USA.

Ingredients: organic shea butter infused with organic: arnica, white willow bark, witch hazel, stinging nettles, ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus; plus organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Menrva’s Kiss Pain Balm on the Way

We have had positive results when testing our organic pain balm, so it looks like about two weeks and it will be available on this website.

I am excited about this addition to Menrva’s Kiss, because when I tested it the pain balm worked! It has seven organic ingredients: arnica, white willow bark, stinging nettle, witch hazel, ginger, wintergreen (will probably change that to peppermint) and eucalyptus.

The herbs are infused in an organic shea butter and coconut oil base. We are using our new creamier formula for the shea/coconut oil and I like it a lot.

Some of the herbs are very pricey, but I’m trying to keep the cost around $20 for a four ounce jar with free shipping.

What’s Next for Menrva’s Kiss

I am excited about the three products that are in development: a skin regenerating serum with a moringa oil base, a moringa and clay face mask, a pain balm with a shea butter base.

This is Menrva’s Kiss and that means our new products will be organic, just like the three available now. I’m having fun researching ingredients and I have a very special one in mind for the serum. I’ll keep you posted!

Don’t forget about our latest product: Super 8 Shea Nerium Skin Creme. It has eight times the nerium oleander than our original and I am loving the results on my skin! A little bit goes a long way and so I spread it all over after bathing. Beautiful skin should not stop with our face.