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Managing Lyme Disease

I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. This is how I recovered from Lyme disease. Lyme disease does not go away, but as our immune system improves it moves to the background. This is my Lyme logic: if I have an auto-immune problem, then improve the immune system. By changing my diet and lifestyle I felt better right away, but it took years to restore my health. Pay attention to how you feel and avoid the people, foods, and things that make you worse. Don’t make the mistake of calling yourself sick. You are not sick. While you rebuild your immune system you are recovering.

I don’t take supplements. It makes sense the body wants food, so instead I eat super foods. Also, I distrust expensive health protocols. Perhaps distrust is the wrong word. I can’t afford them and am doing great without them. Maybe spending hundreds of dollars a month on supplements would help me and maybe not. My intention is to rebuild my immune system through body, mind and spirit. It works.

Articles will follow with more detailed information about the following.

When Needed

Aloe vera juice and diatomaceous earth: For me this combo is magic. When I was having chronic migraines I drank a gallon of aloe vera juice a week. The more aloe vera I drank, the better I felt. If you think it is bitter then try a different brand. Reconstituted aloe vera tastes nasty. The organic Lakewood brand is great. If you are having an episode try this. You may drink as much aloe vera as you like. Start with a small amount of diatomaceous earth and then build up. I do fine on a tablespoon twice a day.

Probiotics, kefir and kombucha: I take something stoked with probiotics nearly every day. If I am having an episode I take more probiotics. The rare times when I catch a flu or cold bug I kill it with huge doses of probiotics.


Morning Meditation: I start the morning with meditation and go back there during the day. I don’t want to think about where my life would be without it. If you don’t know how then start with quiet time each day. That’s how I started.

Water With Apple Cider Vinegar and Diatomaceous Earth: I buy diatomaceous earth at the local feed store. It is also available online. Make sure you get food grade. Diatomaceous earth removes toxic metals, the silica feeds your skin and hair.

Filtered water: I don’t drink out of plastic bottles unless there is no choice. I buy filtered water that I keep in glass or stainless steel containers.

Moringa Seeds: Too bad I didn’t know about them in the beginning. Moringa seeds are happy nuggets that boosts the immune system. They also build the serotonin in the brain. Along with coconut oil they got rid of brain fog. Where I live they are unavailable locally so I buy them from Amazon. They grow easily in a climate that doesn’t freeze.

Chia Seeds: Chia seeds have more omega fats than salmon. They are full of energy.

Hemp Seeds: My main protein source and full of healthy omega fats.

Bee Pollen: Bee pollen has every known element we need to survive. Dump your vitamins and find some local bee pollen. Start by eating one grain at a time and build up slowly. If you eat local bee pollen it helps with allergies.

Coconut Oil: I could write a book on coconut oil and it wouldn’t cover its many wonders. I eat a pint jar every week. It goes over my cooked vegetables. I spread it on sprouted bread and then sprinkle liberally with cinnamon. What a treat! When I had terrible brain fog a couple of tablespoons cleared my mind. Sometimes I scooped it right out of the jar.

Cinnamon: Most of the time I sprinkle it over coconut oil. It tastes great, helps relieve pain and helps keep my blood sugar balanced.

Turmeric: The more turmeric, the less pain. In fact, I can feel the muscles in my shoulder loosen during the day. Tight shoulders are common with Lyme disease. It has more positive qualities than I can list here. In the future there will be an article devoted to it.

Yoga: At least four times a week. Yoga extends my meditation. It stretches and strengthens the body. If I miss more than a couple of days my body aches. Yoga helps keep me physically and mentally balanced.

Exercise: Where I live, in the mountains of Arizona, it is beautiful. Something magical happens in the forest. Even when I was at my worst I had the strength to walk in the woods. Even if you aren’t surrounded by mountains and forest get off the couch and go outdoors. Daily exercise makes us stronger and healthier. It took ten years, but I am able to do 100 push-ups. I hike, I bicycle and am training myself to trail run. Be strong. Start small and build up your exercise program. Too much exercise stresses the immune system.

An Anti-Inflammatory and Balanced Blood Sugar Diet: Diet is fundamental. The better choices I make, the better I feel. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and greens with a lean protein source and healthy fats works for me. Hemp seeds are my main protein source. Lately, I make unfiltered juice that I drink throughout the day. The more balanced our blood sugar, the more balanced our emotions. Try it and you will see.

No Sugar or Processed Foods: I discovered the hard way that sugar and processed foods make me worse. When a piece of pumpkin pie provokes a two-day migraine it is easy to say no. Read the ingredients in your favorite processed food. Do they look like food to you? When your immune system is struggling with Lyme flooding it with sugar, chemicals, additives, food coloring, etc., hurts rather than helps. Eat the foods that build, rather than destroy.

No Drugs and Alcohol: I drink a half-inch of wine a couple of times a month. Drugs and alcohol tax the immune system that we need to rebuild. After several years of living in brain fog I appreciate a clear mind. I am grateful to have a clear mind. Again, I attribute that mainly to coconut oil and moringa seeds. Drugs and alcohol make it harder to maintain emotional balance.

No Chemical Products: There are plenty of alternatives, including my wonderful Menrva’s Kiss shea nerium skin cremes. Read the labels of everything you bring home. That includes cleaning products. There are chemically-free alternatives. White vinegar is great for cleaning. Don’t pollute your body and house with chemicals that will stress your immune system.

Avoid Stress: Stress kills. It was stress that made me sick. Avoid stressful situations when possible. If you can’t, step away with a breath. Practice prayer and meditation, spend time outdoors, stay away from sugar, drugs and alcohol. There are many people infected with Lyme that don’t have symptoms. That’s because their immune system is stronger than the Lyme. That was me until I worked myself sick. I know you can rebuild your immune system, because I did.

Rest: Most nights six to eight hours of sleep are enough. If I feel like I need more, then I get more. One day a week I let myself sleep as much as I want. Sometimes that’s eight hours, occasionally it is twelve.

My Lyme Disease Story

Many people have Lyme disease and don’t know it. For years, I was one of that lucky number. What changed that? A complete disregard for my emotional and physical well-being. Our immune system is the core of our health and happiness. Though it has remarkable stamina, constantly abusing ourselves physically and mentally has consequences. There is the secret to my Lyme disease recovery. I either remain sick or rebuild myself physically and mentally through diet, exercise and meditation.

Camping beside a lake seemed a lovely idea. The moon was full, the loons were calling, and a pesky tick crawled inside my sleeping bag and bit my ankle. Though a cyst formed at the bite, I didn’t understand until years later what happened. After bitten I suffered flu-like symptoms long enough that after six weeks I visited a doctor. Back then, they did not understand Lyme disease. If they had, a strong dose of antibiotics may have killed the bacteria taking root in my body. Being a healthy and fun-loving woman in my twenties, I moved on unaware. If I pushed myself too hard, I had a day or two of sore throat and flu-like symptoms. It was thirty years later I pushed myself so hard I got sick and did not recover. Rather than share a long, sad story about why I didn’t love and respect myself, recovery means rebuilding myself emotionally and physically.

Our bodies want food. This simple logic has been lost in a society of processed food. That nasty stuff inflames our bodies, forcing our immune system to work overtime. Research anti-inflammatory diets. Illness breeds in an acidic, oxygen-deprived body. That is something you can change. You will feel better right away.

Balance your blood sugar. Dr. Barry Sears is my blood sugar hero. His second book, “Mastering the Zone”, is easier to understand than his first. You may balance your insulin, a hormone, through diet. While it is different from a typical American diet, it is nourishing and easy to understand. Basically, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and a lean protein source triumphs one of sodium, sugar and processed foods. You may feel deprived in the beginning, as those foods are addictive, but as your mind clears and your health improves cravings vanish.

Exercise is necessary. You aren’t going to get better sitting on the couch. It might surprise you how fast exercise improves your health. If possible, take your exercise outdoors. You don’t need a health club membership for fresh air, trees, bird song and the wind. Remember, balance; start slowly and build. A short walk is a perfect beginning.

Prayer and meditation. For me the two are the same. How you pursue this is personal. It could start with spending quiet time each day. If you want instruction, there is plenty available on the Internet, through books and classes. Follow your instincts, but don’t neglect this vital practice. Reducing stress is necessary to recovery.

By taking care of myself I felt better right away. Still, Lyme does not go away. My goal is to improve my immune system enough that the symptoms recede to the background. I feel better all the time, but still have bad days, though they are fewer and further apart. Considering how sick I was, where for six years I was too weak and in too much pain to function, I am grateful for having my life back.